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Transparency is very important to us at Poppy’s, especially when it comes to pricing. Use our sector-leading quote generator to find out how much you could expect to spend to achieve the funeral that’s right for you.

Full, Flexible

The full support of the Poppy's team, with no limits on the possibilities for the funeral or ceremony

From £2,290

What's included
  • Collection of the person who has died, to be cared for in our beautiful mortuary
  • The ability to visit them and have them dressed in their clothes, should you wish
  • Support with completing all the necessary paperwork – we'll guide you step by step
  • Choose the time, date and location
  • Ceremony – designed to your choosing, organised by us
  • Funeral choices such as coffin and vehicles – you'll need to choose these


An unattended cremation with the opportunity to visit the person who has died and/or have them dressed

Cost £1,950

What's included
  • Collection of the person who has died, to be cared for in our beautiful mortuary
  • The ability to visit them once and have them dressed in their clothes, should you wish
  • Support to ensure necessary paperwork is completed
  • Choose the time, day and location – we choose a booking at a local crematorium
  • The essentials – simple coffin, hearse and fees


An unattended cremation when you want the simplest quality service available

Cost £1,650

What's included
  • Collection of the person who has died, to be cared for in our beautiful mortuary
  • The ability to visit them and have them dressed in their clothes, should you wish
  • Support to ensure all necessary paperwork is completed
  • Choose the time, day and location – we choose a booking at a local crematorium
  • The essentials – simple coffin, hearse and fees

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What our clients say

“Heartfelt thanks to Victoria and the team at Poppy's for handling my father's funeral with such skill and care. Not having had the experience of arranging a funeral before, it was extremely reassuring to have Poppy's by my side gently steering me through all the decisions that had to be made in the run up to the day, while giving my mother and I plenty of scope to shape a service that felt authentic, creative and fitting for my father.”

Ariadne Birnberg - 1 day ago

“I wish I'd written this review sooner, as it's been over a year since Poppy's organised my father's funeral and maybe this review would have already helped others in the similar sad situation of having to choose a firm to organise a funeral. I can't speak highly enough about this group of people - note that I use this term rather than a generic one of 'firm' as the service they provided for me felt a very personal one, something that is incredibly important when you are going through such a difficult process. You deal with one person directly, and they are always on hand. Everything is clearly explained. And as an additional little touch, we got a card from Poppy's on the first anniversary of the funeral date. Don't bother looking elsewhere, just choose Poppy's as they are fantastic.”

SW - 17 days ago

“We would like to thank Victoria and her colleagues at Poppy's for providing such a wonderful, caring service for my husband's funeral. They provided a sympathetic and smooth process for us to make our farewells to a wonderful and much loved man in a peaceful and respectful ambience. At a time of much sadness it really helped us all to find some solace and closure as we said a final goodbye. The choice of service, caskets was excellent too. They could not have been kinder or more understanding which offered great comfort at this time.”

Caroline Muir - 29 days ago

“Recently we worked with Poppy's Funeral Services in Tooting. London. At this time of our grief, Monica and I, experienced the amazing understanding and emotionally encouraging support of our Funeral Director Amy, Emma with the colleagues who took care at the Chapel. They were ever so patient and provided very practical tips, organizing the service according to our desire, through out the process. We appreciate the empathy and consolation extended to us.”

Rowena Talia - 1 month ago

“We had a fantastic experience with Poppy's. All the staff with whom we had contact were friendly, proactive and helpful. Natalie, our funeral director, explained options clearly and patiently, sourced difficult to find resources, kept us up to date, and more than anything helped us to be confident in having a slightly unconventional service. The feedback from the attendees was incredibly positive and uplifting. I would recommend Poppy's unreservedly.”

Hilary Kavanagh - 2 months ago

“Poppy were professional, kind, thorough and and such good support at a tricky time. Highly recommending them.”

Tess Howell - 2 months ago

“Poppy's are professional, kind and not that stuffy rigid experience you would expect. Their progressive and fresh approach to death and dying made our experience of saying goodbye to our Mum so easier. I would highly recommend their services. A big thank you to Angie and Victoria who were both so approachable and supportive.”

Joely Hampton - 2 months ago

“Poppy's as ever were excellent and fully lived up to their reputation as the leader in great deathcare. My grandmother, grandfather and now father have all had funerals through Poppy's and each time they've been immensely supportive and flexible. I never felt I was being pushed to do anything that wasn't right for me – the whole process was very transparent. Gemima was clear, candid and comforting. A pleasure to deal with at a difficult time.”

Jack Simpson - 2 months ago

“Calm, kind, knowledgeable and professional. The whole team made a very difficult time a little easier. Highly recommended.”

Maddy Ballantyre - 2 months ago

“Amazing service from Poppy's, kind, caring and really thoughtful on how to get the best for our needs. They were there at the service, and managed the whole process all the way through and called numerous times to check if we were happy. Would definitely recommend.”

Thierry Merven - 2 months ago

“If you’ve got as far as looking at the reviews for Poppy’s then look no further. Simply superb. The celebration they seamlessly put together for my husband was everything we wanted it to be - the perfect match of Celebrant, the non-standard hearse and coffin choices, the funeral director pitching up in a red jacket to follow the theme we’d asked of the attendees, I could go on. Thank you Poppy’s for nothing being too much and giving me complete and utter confidence.”

Tania Moor - 2 months ago

“When our beautiful 14 year old son passed away suddenly we chose Poppy's to help us plan his funeral. From the very first encounter we received nothing but kind, sensitive, and considerate support in helping us navigate our way through what was an extremely distressing time. They gave us great practical advice, sympathetically delivered clear information on the costs and decisions required, and offered a shoulder to cry on when we became emotionally overwhelmed by the process. I would highly recommend them, and their caring approach, to anyone needing to arrange a funeral.”

Simon Jefford - 3 months ago

“Poppy's were such great find. They helped us to arrange the funeral for my mother-in-law from initial meeting to the the end with such care and compassion. Every step was clearly explained and nothing was too much trouble. They kept us informed about every stage and the event itself was beautifully executed. A lovely tribute to a wonderful lady. Thank you so much Poppy's-would highly recommend.”

Jackie Hare - 3 months ago

“This was sadly not the first time I have enlisted the services of Poppy's. Each time their efficiency and general professionalism have been first class but it is their kind and sincere consideration of both our heartbreaking situation and our aims that make them the obvious choice to help in distressing times.”

Tim Jones - 3 months ago

“We had a beautiful funeral for my husband, with freedom to decorate his coffin and add personal touches. Poppy’s were supportive and compassionate at every point, and I plan to go with them when it is my turn!”

Celia Velarde - 3 months ago

“From my initial communication until even after the funeral, I felt supported by real people with genuine empathy and love. Costs were upfront and I felt in control of all options, nor did I ever feel this business was about the money. Their values and passion were clear, and they looked after my loved one as if he were still here, with dignity and respect. Their flexibility with regard to enabling me to personalize everything from the coffin which they gave me time, space, and support to paint, to any ideas I felt the need to make happen. Our loved one's farewell was the perfect send-off and one I would not have achieved without Poppy's.”

Dee Raghunath - 3 months ago

“If I could give a millions star rating then I would! I found Poppy's on google when looking for an all women funeral directors, and, I am so glad I found them. From start to finish the communication was superb. Hannah, Lilly, Chloe and Angie, ladies that had helped, and looked after my mum and me. I was allowed to be involved from the start with the care for my mum right until the very end. I was allowed to make decisions that were best for me and my mum that I didn’t even know I was allowed to do. I am so happy to have met all the wonderful women at Poppy's. All funeral directors should be like Poppy's. Thank you to all at Poppy's, with lots of love.”

Zehra Ata - 3 months ago

“Extremely lovely members of staff. Very friendly and helpful. I arrived with no appointment and they made time for me. Always available to talk to face to face or via telephone. Would highly recommend. Thank you all very much for all your help and support”

Donna Walker - 3 months ago

“My son died and from start to finish, Poppy's service was impeccable. Every little detail was handled with care and respect. Poppy's staff {Gemima} supported me, far and beyond. For Corey I choose to have a non religious celebrant {Richard}, he was perfect for Corey and our family. I could not thank them more.”

Carole Mitchell - 4 months ago

“Following the death of my father I felt very luck to have found Victoria at Poppy's Funeral Directors. She talked me through all my options and helped organise everything in a car respectful way. I would definitely recommend them.”

Richard Squire - 4 months ago

“Poppy's were incredibly supportive of me and family after my brother died. They were kind and informative and helped us to create a very special and bespoke celebration of life, completely different from a traditional funeral. They made excellent recommendations including a wonderful celebrant. The opportunity for a private family visit at the cemetery (and the option to have up to 4 visits) was much appreciated and it was a welcoming and peaceful environment. Funeral director Amy was fantastic on the day itself - warm, respectful and calm - making everyone feel at ease. Couldn't recommend Poppy's highly enough.”

Ellen Hayward-Seers - 4 months ago

“When I started arranging my Granny's funeral I didn't know where to start. I was confronted with choosing between hundreds of websites for London-based funeral homes, but opted for Poppy's because of their modern approach and reasonable pricing. Everything was clear and transparent about the costs from the offset, and there were no hidden fees to worry about. There is a lot of admin to do in these situations and it can be overwhelming, but I always felt supported by regular communication with Lily, who onboarded me, and Amy our funeral director. It was really reassuring to know that there was the support to make sure I wasn't forgetting something important. I cannot thank the Poppy's team enough for their help and for accommodating everything my family wanted. We even got to decorate my Granny's coffin which was very poignant as she was an artist herself.”

Hannah Gooding - 4 months ago

“I unreservedly recommend Poppy's. The whole process was carried out kindly, discreetly and efficiently. We had a wonderful funeral and I thank Poppy's for enabling that.”

Richard Jackson - 5 months ago

“Organising a funeral for a loved one is a difficult challenge and, hopefully, not one that we are required to experience often. When it inevitably happens, the process can appear quite daunting. Poppy's were a source of great support to my brothers and I. They went out of their way to simplify all the decisions that are required to be made over a short time period. Their approach was understanding and encouraging. I can recommend their service very highly indeed.”

Christopher Knechtli - 5 months ago

“When it comes to things you want done right, funerals are top of this list! We recently lost my mum after her fighting hard in the ICU, I’d flown back quickly from Chicago and to say it was a shock is an understatement. My sister found Poppy’s online and the rest of the experience was made a lot easier from that point onwards. The whole team at Poppy’s were attentive, warm, caring and extremely professional! We worked directly with Amy a lot who helped go above and beyond. I had NO IDEA, how many things needed to be arranged for the funeral, but they broke it all down in the order of events, gave us our options and offered their advice! They helped with everything!!! They even helped switch our Crematorium location last minute, suggested an INCREDIBLE Wake venue at Stephens House and Gardens in Finchley, (Booking manager Tracy is wonderful) and also suggested a Celebrant for the service. (Jo Napthine, did an incredible job! She brought everything for the service, together so beautifully). We’ll forever be grateful we chose Poppy’s for their attention to detail and caring handling at what’s been an incredibly painful time.”

Robbie Elsdale - 6 months ago

“At the time of our greatest stress, Poppy's were not only advising us in making day-to-day funeral decisions but were ahead of the curve managing anxieties and expectations. Very professional and personable people working in a low-key way to produce high-quality results and overall peace of mind. A special thank you to Victoria who was seemingly everywhere all the time doing everything!”

S Martin - 6 months ago

“Absolutely fantastic experience with this company. They went above and beyond our expectations, guiding us gently through the process, and letting us know we had choices we hadn't even imagined. They were sensitive throughout, flexible and responsive to our needs, and managed to help us create a meaningful and quite wonderful funeral. I would never have thought we could make such a sad day so mixed with joy and tears together, and I can't imagine any other funeral service facilitating that in the same way.”

Eleanor Dearden - 6 months ago

“Poppy's were absolutely amazing at helping us through the difficult few weeks after our mother's death. From collecting her body sensitively and respectfully, to providing calm advice and support on funeral preparations, and finally to helping us create a funeral mum would have been so happy with. I couldn't have imagined how we could have done what we did in the two weeks we had until the funeral without them, and would wholeheartedly recommend them.”

Hattie Wells - 6 months ago

“Took great care over the details and listened to all my requests and acted accordingly. Very happy with their service and will recommend in future.”

Louise Putt - 6 months ago

“My family and I couldn’t have been better pleased than we were by the funeral for my wife arranged by Poppy’s. From our first tentative contact we received kindness, care and compassion. We were anxious that the casket should be designed and made sustainably—not a problem. We didn’t want a gloomy black hearse—easy: a magnificent silver Bentley appeared. We didn’t want to be rushed at the crematorium—a double session was quickly found and booked. We were able to interview on Zoom candidates for the position of celebrant and chose one of two highly suitable and well-matched candidates who was outstanding. All in all we were very happy albeit at such a sad time. The ceremony was uplifting and the process for getting us to that point was as painless as it could be. Thank you, Poppy’s.”

Richard Hardie - 7 months ago

“The team at Poppy's helped us to create a beautiful funeral for our father. They were kind and compassionate as they gently helped us navigate an otherwise overwhelming task. At each stage in the process, we were aware of what the next steps would be, but we never felt any pressure or stress on their part. Amy gave precious guidance on important parts of the ceremony, such as timings on the day and choice of celebrant. Overall, we would highly recommend Poppy's for their respectful, thoughtful, and professional approach.”

Emily Fiennes - 7 months ago

“We are so pleased that we came to Poppy’s to organise our loved one’s funeral. I cannot praise them highly enough - they were calm, kind and supportive at all times and we felt completely reassured that she was in caring hands. They were also extremely efficient and attentive to our requests and made a stressful undertaking at a distressing time much easier than it could have been. I’d particularly like to thank Amy for her wonderful support throughout. I would thoroughly recommend Poppy's to anyone who has lost a loved one and faces the sad task of organising a funeral.”

Charlotte Gill - 7 months ago

“Poppy’s were fantastic in organising my mother’s funeral. They were efficient, proactive and receptive to all of our wishes, tailoring the arrangements perfectly. The staff were very professional and friendly both before and during the funeral offering a wide range of options. Thank you for making this important day a success.”

Shahram Jahanbani - 8 months ago

“Poppy's Funeral Directors are exceptional in every way. The team are very kind as well as professional and take care of every detail. They are completely up front about choices and costs with nothing hidden. They make the whole process easy and treat you and your loved one with the utmost respect. Truly a five star service. Thank you Poppy's.”

Jan Hilary - 8 months ago

“I was somewhat dreading organising my late father's funeral, however, Poppy's helped and supported me with everything from the outset and made my experience uplifting. My father's funeral could not have been any better. Thank you to all at Poppy's.”

Tony Ramsundar - 8 months ago

“Brilliant service! Poppy's looked after my mum when she died. They were faultless and worth every penny.”

Charlie Morley - 8 months ago

“I know what you're thinking - I was sceptical of Poppy's five-star reviews too. But having used them for my mother's funeral this week, they deserve them. The staff are exemplary - professional, solicitous and always available to help with the details surrounding all the bureaucracy that needs dealing with. At times, it was easy to believe I was their only client as they were so fantastic at keeping me up to date with (what turned out to be) a complicated run-up to the ceremony. I was so impressed by the way they allow clients to choose the elements that they want for a funeral rather than sell an overpriced package. They actively encouraged me to look at the cheaper options and let us personalise Mum's funeral so it was something that was really meaningful for us. I would not hesitate to use or recommend Poppy's again. Thank you to the whole team.”

Angela Pertusini - 9 months ago

“Poppy's ensured that my daughter's funeral was conducted with care, dignity and respect. They helped us as a family navigate a safe course through the most bleak of times, and we'll remember all the staff with gratitude and respect for the service they provided under such challenging circumstances.”

Frances Travis - 10 months ago

“Would thoroughly recommend Poppy's. They organised the perfect send off for my Mum and their after care has been superb. Just lovely people.”

Tess Hosking - 11 months ago